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Product Name:Coffee Brown Irregular Granite Sills For Projects' Floor
Material Type:Coffee Brown Irregular Granite Sills For Projects' Floor
Color:Coffee Brown
Original: Kumusi, China
Size:Custom Cutting
Package:Seaworthy Fumigated Wooden Crates Outside, White Plastic Foam Inside
Delivery:10-20 days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union
Description:Coffee Brown Irregular Granite Sills Wholesale
Model:Coffee Brown Irregular Granite Sills 20170825001

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Product Details

Coffee Brown Irregular Granite Sills For Projects' Floor  It is for the very every layer wall granite sills. And it is irregular. 

It is to a Kazakhstan city project . 

Coffee brown color is traditional color , Good for the Europe building. This color bring a lot of the memories. 

Granite has warm tones and special grains which adds definite character.

Granite tile is extremely durable, as granite is one of the hardest natural substances found on earth, second only to diamond.
Granite suits all climates, whether indoors or outdoors, including extreme cold climates (when installed properly) since it's not influenced by freeze-thaw cycles.

Durability: it can handle heavy foot traffic
Creates an elegant, natural look that you can’t get with other materials
Because each stone is unique, you can give your home a truly one-of-a-kind look
Adding precious stone material to your home can increase your home’s value, making it easier for you to sell in the future.

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