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Product Name:Venus Grey Blue Marble Big Slab Marble Tiles On Sale
Material Type: Venus Grey Blue Marble Big Slab
Color:Grey and Blue
Size:Custom Cutting
Package:Seaworthy Fumigated Wooden Crates Outside, White Plastic Foam Inside
Delivery:10-20 days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union
Description: Venus Grey Blue Marble Big Slab On Sale
Model:Venus Grey Blue Marble Big Slab 20160809002

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Venus Grey Blue Marble Big Slab Marble Tiles On Sale.

Natural Stone – As natural stone goes, marble is easily the most recognizable. Though marbles can be white, grey, beige, pink, or even exotic green, 
no other material option is as obvious in its visual hallmarks as marble. Those indicators include thick or subtle flowing veins, gentle movement, 
and an elegance which works in large expanses or small. For those who embrace green options and value natural building materials, 
marble will stand out as an obviously natural selection that connects a room to the outdoors. (The idea of natural stone is particularly appealing in the kitchen,
where the countertop serves as the surface for preparing colorful foods.
For home cooks and bakers, marble is also an attractive option for preparing pastries, as it is a cool stone perfect for rolling dough.

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